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NoGood is an Amsterdam based illustrator and designer fueled by the culture surrounding the larger open-source movement, the bitcoin space and freedom tech in general.

The NoGood pseudonym represents a new tech-savvy generation revolting against constant data surveillance and digital censorship. They're the developers creating independent digital networks and the engineers building novel DIY hardware from scratch. Those who society labels 'up to no good' though their inventions stay mostly unnoticed.

NoGood is a one-man operation with a background in graphic and print design. Since 2017 the focus of his commercial and personal work has gradually shifted towards the bitcoin space with a growing interest in hacktivism and retro tech.

In 2023 NoGood released NoGood Radio – a NOSTR integrated 24/7 radio station for builders in the FOSS community. Additionally, he runs a small bitcoin-only print shop from his studio in Amsterdam.

Among his clients are Blockstream, Wired, Voltage, Bitbox, Coinkite, and Fold. NoGood often collabs with content makers like Satoshi Radio and Connnect the World.

For freelance enquiries please get in touch.

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